TESTIMONIAL! // Erica Canant!

Live Creatively®️ and Plan a Happy Life™️ — two tag lines that have shaped so much of my life since late 2015. ✨When I purchased my first Happy Planner®️, it was always about more than needing a planner. We had just moved back to my hometown after having our second baby and I didn’t have a single friend.

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TESTIMONIAL! // April Orr!

With two busy, active boys and a husband who travels often and works long hours, the Happy Planner® is the glue that holds this house together. From the monthly desk calendar that serves as our Family Battle Plan, to the weekly lists that help me get stuff done, the Happy Planner® has provided organization, function, and structure to our days. Most importantly, the Happy Planner® helps me keep the ME in Mommy.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Mariel Reyes!

I don’t even know where to begin to explain how much being on the squad has meant to me. I feel like I should wear one of those buttons that says “The Happy Planner™️ change my life, ask me how!” What started out as a tool to track my day has turned into something that has brought me such creative joy, true inspiration, and fantastic friendships I will have for life.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Abi Sanvee!

Some people say it’s just paper and stickers but it’s more that that for me. This may sound cliché but I feel like my planner has grown with me. I love looking back at my journey through my planners. From a stressed out nursing student, to starting my career and now starting a family. It’s so encouraging to look back at past planners and things I thought I could not accomplish but DID!

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TESTIMONIAL! // Mary Ellen!

When I discovered The Happy Planner® a little over a year ago, I had no idea that a paper planner and stickers would quite literally change my life. I was in a very dark place, being a caregiver to my husband who had a terminal illness. I started planning as a way to keep track of all of his medical needs and my own personal to do lists. What happened was it opened up a whole entire world of creativity, friendship and new ventures for me.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Mandy Heil!

Since The Happy Planner® entered my life, so many things have changed. As a full-time working mom of two active boys, it became difficult to fit things in for my own enjoyment. The Happy Planner® re-ignited my creativity in a way that still felt useful and productive. I was able to have some coveted "me time," while also working on being organized and planning ahead for the sake of my family. It truly is the perfect combination! 

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TESTIMONIAL! // Michelle Weissert!

Being a member of The Happy Planner® SQUAD has been such a whirlwind and one of the most AMAZING things that has ever happened to me! It’s more than just getting all of the beautiful swag; I have been part of a brand that encourages women to be empowered and promotes HAPPY in all areas of our lives.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Liz Hayes Nielson!

It probably sounds funny, but before The Happy Planner® I didn't really use a planner. Like at all. Consistently using a planner of any kind in the past would usually last all of two weeks before I'd get bored with dealing with it. When I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in fashion design, the original four designs were released around the same time. It was kinda of like all of the stars aligning at just the right time. It probably sounds cliché, but The Happy Planner® and I were meant to be. I'm certain we're soul mates. =D

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TESTIMONIAL! // Rochelle Ball!

There are few moments in life, I think, where you just sit there and think, “I’ve seriously found my people! Where have you all been my entire life?!”

Remember those school issued planners? I was totally that kid in school that would take those boring pages in the front that outlined rules and academic guidelines and glued blank paper to them. Who needs to constantly see the dress code anyway, right? On those blank pages I’d letter fun quotes and draw doodles. I made my planner my own, even as far back as middle school. I like to say I can’t just write in a planner. It’s more to me than just to do lists and places I need to be. It’s my creative outlet. A place where I can put everything in my mind on paper among pretty stickers, colorful pens and an abundance of note pages and sticky notes.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Kimberly Henderson!

The Happy Planner®️ has shown me that I can have fun while being productive. I used to be terrified of never ending to-do lists and all the adulting things, but The Happy Planner©️ has allowed me to fully customize my planner with the disc-bound system, to make it work for me. I love that I can have a different planner layout every week using all the stickers, accessories and notepaper.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Marquita Cummings!

Wow! What a whirlwind this year has been and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! A year ago I decided to apply for this amazing SQUAD and I never thought in a million years I would be selected. What an amazing year it has been. I’ve met so many amazing people and am truly humbled by this whole experience. I truly feel more organized and like I’ve got a handle on my life because of this fantastic planner and community.

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TESTIMONIAL! // Gabriel Contreras!

I can’t believe it’s been a year of #SquadGoals! This time in my life has been a blessing. The MAMBI team saw something special in me, in the way I plan. They gave me the opportunity to share my planning style with so many people. They allowed me to show that men and boys are welcomed in this community. They helped me gain confidence in the creative planning world. They helped this introvert be more outgoing! 

The ladies that are in the squad are AMAZING! I love each one and consider them family. They welcomed me into their lives and have been a great support on this journey. Each one has a unique planning style that inspires me. I am grateful that the Squad has brought each of you into my life. I will always cherish the time we’ve had together. 

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OPEN CALL: The Happy Planner® SQUAD!


The Happy Planner® SQUAD is made up of planner devotees that are passionate about The Happy Planner® and ALL that it stands for. We hope that’s you!

We are looking for enthusiasts who LIVE and BREATHE all things HAPPY PLANNER®.

Do you love to plan, create, inspire, and encourage those around you to ‘CHOOSE HAPPY’?

If you answered, “YES!” then we encourage YOU to apply to be a part of the Happy Planner® SQUAD!

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TESTIMONIAL! // Nita Patterson!

I never imagined 3 years go when I was first introduced to the Happy Planner while shopping for a new planner that it would change my life. 

To my surprise it has done just that. At the time I was working as a Visual Merchandiser and  Fashion Design assistant. Both jobs required a lot of creative energy and I was in desperate need of a fun and creative outlet. 

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