...and remember there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to plan


I meet so many women that look at The Happy Planner® and say, “This is all really cute and everything, but I don’t have time for all of ‘this.’” This response is TOTALLY understandable IF (and this is a big IF) the goal here was to always create a beautifully curated Happy Planner® spread that was color coordinated, had perfect hand-writing, and a little icon next to each to-do. But it’s not… like at all. The goal is to get all of your to-do, appointments, and scheduled events on paper in hopes that you can become more organized, eliminating as much stress as possible and allow yourself more time to live a HAPPY + HEALTHY life. SO I am gonna say it, washi + stickers are just FROSTING. It’s all extra. It’s the avocado to your Chipotle! It’s just extra. You can live without it, but it’s SO yum! 

It’s so important to not let this “expectation” leave you feeling overwhelmed or deter you from planning ALL that you need to get done. 

So I’ve got THREE very simple and straightforward tips for you. I live by these tips each time I plan and I know they will be helpful for the BEGINNER, and hopefully the #plannerbabe who plans weekly who hits the occasional wall. Whatever the case, I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me!

NUMBER ONE // START Somewhere!

When I look back on past weeks in my Happy Planner® I see a common theme.  I always have a commitment on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. I also have a commitment every other Wednesday, I get paid every other Friday, and I meal prep and watch the Bachelor every Monday. I KNOW what’s generally happening each week, even when I don’t know ALL that will be happening. See where I am going with this? Start somewhere by starting with what you KNOW! This will help you get started and get the ball rollin’ on this week’s, or next week’s, Happy Planner® spread! This idea is also very helpful for all you ‘before the pen-ers’ out there. When you know what’s going down in your week + when, it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER to know where to put that sticker! SO start with what you KNOW.

NUMBER TWO // Don’t Compare Yourself to OTHERS. 

Alright, so remember when I said that many people get caught up in the “expectation” of what the Happy Planner® pages are supposed to look like? (Whatever “supposed to look like” even means! LOL!) Well that expectation comes from comparing what you believe about yourself with what you see about someone else. Girlfriend! Of course you’re gonna get discouraged. That’s doin’ ya no good at all. Now we talked earlier about washi + stickers. It's all extra! #FROSTING I tell ya! So just plan normally as you would any old thing. All the Happy Planner® pages are set up and pretty for you. BUT if you WANT to enjoy all the FUN that comes along with The Happy Planner® accessories, then RAD! I say, “do it!” But don’t get caught up comparing yourself to what others are doing. That’s way too much unnecessary pressure. Rather, try to take inspiration from the #plannerbabes you follow and admire so much. Hey how about you try this… try to copy exactly what you love so much from your fav #plannerbabe. I promise you, your spread will be different! Even if the placement of your stickers are in the same order as theirs. This is a great way to try to develop your own PLANNER STYLE. 


Have fun, #plannerbabe! It’s easy because you’re playing with super cute paper + stickers + washi tape! HELLO… That SCREAMS fun! If you’re not having fun then take action. Put your pen down, put your cute Value Sticker Packs to the side, take a step back and ask yourself, “why am I not enjoying myself?” Maybe you don’t know where to begin and that’s upsetting you. Well, good thing I just gave you the best tip EVAAAA - #1 on our list! Start somewhere! Remember!? Whatever the case, try to change you’re perspective and HAVE FUN. Enjoy the process, and remember there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to plan. 

I used these tips in our latest YouTube video! Check it out for more inspiration!