Tips to ‘get comfortable’ + get ya to that ‘take off your shoes’ kinda- zone!


'Don’t get comfortable until you can get comfortable.' These words have been ringing in my head the last few days. I’ve found myself exhausted, it’s just that time of year where everything picks up for various reasons, and it seems like I’m constantly trying to play catch-up. Because of the craziness that tends to bring during this time of year, it’s so easy for me to want to check-out before it’s time to really “check-out.”

'Don’t get comfortable until you can get comfortable.' These words still speak something to me... but what do they really mean? 

Well, for example, the other day I heard these words after a SUPER long day at work. I came home to a really messy room, and all I wanted to do was throw everything into one big pile, take of my shoes and just call it. Okay, so if I were to follow through with this reaction I wouldn’t have necessarily ‘been in the wrong’ (sometimes this is encouraged in order to get that rest or self-care that’s needed.) I did need rest, BUT this had been my reaction for days on end. It was a theme for the last week or so. I would come home, decided to 'check-out' because I was tired + overwhelmed (good reason if you ask me), just so I could come home the next day (and the next day) to experience the same exact thing. ALL those feelings again on repeat. Hello Groundhog Day! Have you seen that movie with Bill Murry? You should go watch that movie. It's great. Back to the point... LOL!

'Don’t get comfortable until you can get comfortable.' Hmmm... Maybe in this case that saying mean, “Hannah, don’t take off those shoes until you’ve picked all the clean laundry you threw on the floor yesterday and put it away. Then you can get comfortable.” 

Maybe this speak to you. Maybe it means something different for you than it does me. This idea has evolved, and speaks to me different depending on the time and/or season. 

I took these thoughts to my Happy Planner®️. If I already know the crazy routine my schedule brings during this season, how can I plan + prepare myself for it? It’s going to look different for each person, but here are just a few tips as to how you can prep yourself for the crazy, and get yourself to the ‘get comfortable’ + ‘take off your shoes’ kinda- zone quicker...

"If all you can do is crawl, start crawling." -Rumi
  1. Just start somewhere. 
  2. Get your thoughts and concerns on paper. 
  3. Use your Happy Planner®️ to plan intentional time for YOU. 
  4. Give yourself little goals during the week to help you stay on track. Key words - *little goals*
  5. Dedicate one spot in your Happy Planner®️ to find gratitude each day. 
  6. Place positive affirmations in your Happy Planner®️ for you to see each day to encourage + motive you to push through and keep going. 
  7. Be ‘a little’ strict on yourself and say, “No, not until [fill in the blank].”
  8. Find a #plannerbabe to keep you accountable and have them encourage you when you’re feeling down. 
  9. Find JOY in your planning + goal setting! 
  10. Give yourself GRACE. Life is all about trail + error. We are in PROCESS.

'Don't get comfortable until you can get comfortable...'

What does this saying mean to you? How does it speak to you in your specific season of life? Comment below + share with me your thoughts!