Will you join me?!


I don't know about you, but The Happy Memory Keeping® system is my JAM! I love everything about it. My Happy Memory Keeping® planner has become a space for me to find gratitude. I find so much JOY in planning + keeping my memories. 

Once I have finished memory keeping a month, I always find myself overwhelmed with thankfulness. I regularly look back and think the same thing, "WOW! I did all of THAT?!" It's an awesome feeling.

This positive reaction I frequently experience reminds me of a saying, a sticker that lives on the back of my computer which says, "Gratitude turns everything you have into enough." 

This is SO true. If you're like me, then you too will look around at all you have, the love you share and receive, the little blessings, and you will honestly believe that you have more than enough. This is just one benefit I have experienced after investing some time into the Happy Memory Keeping® system. It has allowed me to find gratitude, and it has turned everything I have into enough. I believe it can do the same for YOU!

"Gratitude turns everything you have into enough." 

For the month of April, I wanted to challenge myself to get into my Happy Memory Keeping® planner every day. Our past photo challenges usually take place on our Instagram account (the_happy_planner). These challenges are a BLAST! One of the best parts about our IG challenges is that it brings our community together in such a fun + unique way. 

This time, instead of posting your photo prompts directly to Instagram, we want you to place your pictures directly in your Happy Memory Keeping® planner, and if you want to share on IG, go for it!  Use the hashtag: #thehappyplannerigchallenge (this is one we consistently use for our IG challenges! It's always fun to look back!).

CLICK HERE to download your challenge printable!

I hope you JOIN ME in this challenge! Comment below and let me know if you're diggin' this idea! 

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