BIG 3 // GUEST BLOGGER: Nita Patterson


Simple Tips To Help You Get Started 

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For quite some time I’ve played around with the idea of memory keeping, but there were THREE THINGS keeping me from committing.

OBSTACLE #1: I was the feeling that I needed to track something everyday. My life is busy but it’s not always full of things I want to highlight. 

SOLUTION: I came up with my “BIG 3”. What were the three most significant things that happened in my week?  This could include date night, devotionals/scriptures, fun moments or special events. So instead of seven days worth of photos, you only need THREE things to focus on.

OBSTACLE #2:  I struggled with the thought, "how do I show my personal style or flair?"

SOLUTION: I decided I would try out different layering techniques with a mix of stickers, Soft Spoken™️ and different punches. This really allowed me to put my stamp on the spread.

OBSTACLE #3: I didn’t want a lot of writing in my spread. I wanted the photos and dates to speak to the event.

SOLUTION: I decide to use #hashtags and quote stickers with minimal writing to tell the story behind the photos. This also allowed me to have some 'white space.' I feel some white space brightens up my spreads. 

Before reading this blog post you may have been on the fence about Happy Memory Keeping™ (aka memory planning.) It is my hope that the "BIG 3" will help you jump in and give it a shot.

Remember it’s your 'story book.' You can write it any way you like! That’s the best part about the Happy Memory Keeping™️ Planners. You can customize them to fit YOUR needs!

I would love to hear how using these TIPS (the "BIG 3") has helped YOU in your memory planning! Share with me by commenting below! 

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