Teaching My Boys To Plan // One Cool Sticker At A Time


When The Happy Planner® came out with a Happy Planner KIDS™ I was so excited, but when I saw there were planners designed with boys in mind I was even more ecstatic! As a #plannerbabe and a mom of two boys, it thrilled me to see that The Happy Planner® thought of ALL kids. I promptly purchased two of The Happy Planner KIDS™ "Cool Dude" sets and presented them to my boys. I wasn't sure if they'd be interested, but I was pleasantly surprised at how excited they were! They wanted to dig right in! They read every sticker, flipped through every divider, and checked out every part of their new planners. 

While it makes me happy to have an activity to share with them, I'm mostly looking forward to teaching them the importance of planning. I work with college students every day and notice many of them haven't learned how to get organized. They don't write things down, they don't carry planners, and they rely on alerts on their cell phones or expect multiple reminders to be given. I want to teach my boys to write down important dates, assignments, and memories, to be self-sufficient, to set goals, and to take responsibility for their academics and other commitments. 

School started at the beginning of this month, which meant the official start of their planners. Of course, what is important to them in first and fourth grade is what's for lunch. They had so much fun checking their school menu and adding the daily meals to their planners using the 'FOOD' Value Pack Stickers. They also used the 'SPORTS' Value Pack Stickers and the 'FUN KID' Happy Planner KIDS™ Value Pack Stickers to add fun words and details throughout the week. 

As they started to fill their pages with baseball practice, homework assignments, and fun weekend activities, they began to take so much pride in their planners. Noah, my fourth-grader, reminded me every night that he needed to do his planner. He has shown the most interest and has enjoyed incorporating it into his daily routine. He particularly enjoys the fun, kid-oriented details on the pages such as the happiness board game on the monthly dashboard, the jokes, and the daily thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating.  

The Happy Planner® knocked it out of the park with this line. They thought of so many ways to engage kids in the planning process. There are so many fantastic details with themes of kindness, happiness, and bravery that are such important messages for kids.

Do you have a KID in your life who you'd love to introduce to planning?

The Happy Planner KIDS™ line is the perfect place to start!

My planner-lovin' boymom heart couldn't be happier!

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