Bringing Some HAPPY to a Stressful Plan


Budget planning can be stressful! I love to use bright colors and stickers to bring a little happiness while reviewing my budget. 

The Happy Planner®️ 'Budget Review' sheet, taken from the Budget - Extension Pack - Classic allows me to REVIEW where I went wrong the previous month, and ask myself 'how am I going to improve on my mistakes,' as well as set up new and/or improved GOALS for the upcoming month.


Although I spent more than I should’ve when I joined my local gym, I JOINED A LOCAL GYM! That one got a high-five!


I also did not pay attention to the 3 BABY SHOWERS I was invited to while budgeting. [insert side eye emoji]


But my favorite part of the Budget - Extension Pack is setting my GOALS for the NEXT month. Realistic GOALS. For example, “buy all school supplies” and “finish paying off Christmas vacation."

Seeing my GOALS written out and outlined in pretty colors makes them real and attainable. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about BUDGET planning! Do you have an tips or tricks for ME?!

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