Get #AllTheThings Done Each Month


I love using habit trackers! They help me remember tasks and goals I have for the month and provide a snapshot of how I did when I'm finished.

Every month I make a new tracker. I make it cute with pens and washi before adding the days of the week and the dates. I recently started adding the days of the week so I can see how I do on weekdays and weekends. 

Ali is using pre-punched 'Fill Paper' to create her habit trackers! 


Next, I write the tasks and goals I want to focus on. Some are basic and repeat, and other are new and challenging. All of them are things I want to be reminded of or would like to reflect on.


Then, I pick an awesome motivational quote to remind me that I can do whatever I set my sights on.

Ali is using the the 'Gold Star Quotes' Value Sticker Pack to look for her AWESOME + motivational quote!


I'm done!

As the month progresses I use different color pens and draw alternating lines through the square of each task for each day. It makes a fun pattern, but you can color it in or just use an 'x.'


As important as using my habit tracker for a reminder is, my favorite part is reflecting on how I did at the end of the month. I can clearly see how I tackled goals. I can see 'cause and effect' with some habits and know what I need to change to be more successful next month!

What do you want to keep track of for the rest of this month? There is still time! 

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