Wanna know what the BIGGEST kill-joy is?! Comparison. BOY, OH BOY. Do I wish I could take comparison by the pigtails and toss it out of this world (you know that scene in Matilda with Miss Trunchbull? The little girl with the pigtails? Anyways, watch the movie if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

Comparison is a thief that lingers around ready to rob you of any and all confidence.

In a world that is so focused on perfection, how can we confidently embrace our imperfections?

Because let’s be real here, we are SO far from perfect. And I guarantee you, if you find your favorite Instagrammer walking down the street, she’s not going to have a face that is all glittery and airbrushed like her IG photos + stories. We are flawed. But who said flaws aren’t BEAUTIFUL?! Those flaws are a part of the composition of who we are!  

I am here to tell you, flaws and all, YOU (yep, the person reading this) are ENOUGH.

So again, we are back to the BIG question…  In a world that is so focused on perfection, how can we confidently embrace our imperfections?

Well to start, just accept the fact that you are FLAWSOME! Oh, I’m sorry… You don’t know what FLAWSOME means?! Well, let me tell ya!

Flawsome (adj) an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.

Remember you are in PROCESS. Life is a journey of trial + error. You’re moving forward, and growing each day, and that’s all that matters.

CHOOSE to believe that you’re not alone (because you aren’t) and that NO BODY has their ISH together. I am 100% sure (not because I have experienced it first hand) that Ryan Gosling wakes up with bad breath in the morning. Oh, and Beyoncé too… LBH.

See the HOPE in your imperfection, and remember it’s all part of the process that has made you into the beautiful human you are today, and how you are currently being molded.

Resist the URGE to compare yourself to other. The fact is, MOST people don’t share their flaws, but rather the moments they look the happiest in. Social media is a curated feed that has been done with the finest precision in order to portray a personal brand they would like each follower to see + believe is true about themselves. Comparing yourself to a false reality is only going to leave you feeling unworthy… And nooooobody has got time for THAT. Can I get an AMEN?!

Often times when I am talking to fellow #plannerbabes they will point out the fact that I always make things “look so easy” on YouTube. HA.HA.HAAAAA. Funny joke! 1. Thank you, you’re kind! and 2. The STRUGGLE is real. // I am here to tell you the TRUTH. I NEVER get it right the first time. My weirdness creeps in, which I don’t ALWAYS edit out of the videos, and other times I ditch it so you don’t have to watch a 13 minute video or random Hannah acting C R A Y. Other times I struggle getting a decent take because my insecurities jump in and wanna join the party, and we all know that’s not a friend you want to hang out with, so then I end up feeling BLAH and that translates.

ABOVE is a video of some of my BLOOPERS. I promise you, it’s never perfect, but that’s OKAY! I love my weirdness, and I have chosen to acknowledge the BLAH. I am patient with myself and understand I am in PROCESS. I am flawed, full of imperfection, but I trust it all part of the journey. I am enough. And so are YOU!

How do you embrace your imperfections?

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