BEGIN how you want to END


HOW you begin your day DETERMINES the direction of your day. Well, for the most part. This isn’t completely black and white, there is some grey area of course.

I have definitely been experimenting with routine. How to build a routine, what works and what doesn’t work. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all the to-do’s, the plans, work life vs. personal life, and so on.

One thing I have noticed is that the way I BEGIN my day sets the TONE for the direction of how my day M O V E S. If I start my day off early, I am likely to check MORE off of my to-do list. If I keep hitting SNOOZE on my alarm clock + wait till the LAST minute to get up, my day is superrrrrrrr flustered.

Now this idea of ROUTINE has been a journey for me, and I am currently in PROCESS. I am STILL trying to figure it out. Deep down inside I KNOW what I need to do in order to start my day off in the right direction - in the means of what I can control, of course, life totally happens – and yet, I still struggle. Now this idea looks different for each person. This journey has definitely been one of TRIAL + ERROR. And that is A-OK. 

In order for me to be the MOST productive, I need to set a POSTIVE tone at the very beginning of my day. This begins in my Happy Planner®.

I am going to share with you what I found to be most helpful when building my routine.  Maybe you can pull some inspiration + try to adapt some of these ideas into your OWN Happy Planner® and daily routine.

I first start off by making a list in my Happy Planner® of ALL the things I know I NEED and WANT to get done each day. These things are going to give me an idea of HOW TO prioritize my day from start to finish. Remember, this is based on MY personal schedule!

I first took out my Happy Planner® and made a list of the SPECIAL to-do’s (i.e. appointments, coffee dates, volunteer work) for each day of the WEEK.

I must be BE OKAY with my days being DIFFERENT!

Be AWARE of your personal STUMBLING BLOCKS. One “stumbling block” (a circumstance that causes difficulty or hesitation) for me is SLEEP. Sleep is a make-or-break kinda thing for me. If I get up + and get going, I am on FIRE. If I delay my day by not getting out of bed, I struggle throughout my day. It's just the way it goes. I must be aware of this. I need to be wise about when I go to bed and what time I set my alarm for. More on this below!


I make sure to prep all my snacks, lunches, anything I need on-the-GO for a long day! (Most of my days are long)

Working out... Unless I've scheduled a workout class, or wake up EXTRA early before work, yeah, it ain't happening. So, I have to plan accordingly. LOLZ. I love life ;)

I make sure to set my clothes out the NIGHT BEFORE + anything else needed for work, church or a special appointment that day. Sounds like a middle-school type of a thing to do, but I'm tellin' ya... IT WORKS!

WAKE UP CALL! I need to take into account all the things I need to get done in the AM. Here is a helpful tip: If you’re using your phone as an alarm, plug your phone in across the room or even in a different room. This will force you to get your booty UP + OUT bed.

I SAID NO to the SNOOZE. It’s not an option for me on those work days. YIKES!

Find a moment BEFORE the CRAZY begins to be STILL. Now this looks different for me each day. Some days it’s making my pour-over coffee, which takes some time so I find it meditative. I often go on sunrise walks, journal, read, and pray. In a perfect world I would LOVE to get ALL of those things done before I go to work, but that’s not always realistic.

THROUGHOUT THE DAY I find it EXTREMELY helpful to...

-Check back in with my to-do list. It’s actually a reward for me to CHECK-IT-OFF! Yay, I did it!

-Move around! Working in an office can be tough. If you find yourself staring at a screen or sitting too long, it can make ya feel BLAH. Get those steps in!

-FIND GRATITUDE. Be grateful for the WORK.

-Try to eliminate negative talk.

-Challenge yourself! I love giving myself DAILY CHALLENGES. For example, today I have decided (because I am extra stressed) to do EVERYTHING without complaining. This is a tough one, but it’s so worth it!

-Find moments of quiet + stillness. Give yourself permission to take a break. 2, 5, 10, 30 minutes. Whatever you can get, take it! Read a quote, try a breathing exercise, pray, take a walk, listen to your favorite song, close your eyes. It’s always a good idea to give yourself a moment to be STILL.

If, by the end of my day, I still have things on my to-do list, I have to allow myself to either 1. Get them done, or 2. Let it go! Tomorrow is a NEW day. Try your very best TOMORROW.

Begin how you want to end. // How you BEGIN your day DETERMINES the direction of your day. 

What does morning routine look life for you and how does it set the tone for a productive or not-so-productive day? Any tips for me? I would love if you shared below!

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