Ya know, life just happens... roll with the punches!


Hi #plannerbabes!!

Stephanie KILLED IT with her first VLOG. OMG so much fun!

I am excited for MY very first VLOG evaaaaa! This was FUN and VERY different for me. 

I hope you enjoy my weirdness + realness. 

(LOTS of uh's, um's, awkward pauses, and a BUNCH of random ISH. #sorrynotsorry!)

OKAY so I don’t want to give it all away so make sure to WATCH my VLOG... BUT...

...here are the cliff notes: When I set my goals for 2018 I decide that my focus was going to be BUDGETING, along with the few others. I am still PLANNING on working on my budget during this “special season” (watch the video to see what this means!) but also making FITNESS a huge priority. The truth is… LIFE HAPPENS + things don't always go as planned. But that is OKAY. I am going to ROLL with the P U N C H E S. 

I am READY for you FEBRUARY. (insert fitness emoji here!)

Below are the Extension Packs I am CURRENTLY using in my Happy Planner® - both CLASSIC + BIG (click on images to link to shop.) // Hope these can help you with your goals.


How are your 2018 goals comin’ along?! Have they changed, or are you adding new ones to your list like me? Has your Happy Planner® been helping you on your personal journey?

I can’t wait to hear from you! Be sure to comment below! 

XO Hannah

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