Hello, planner babes! My name is Heather Kell and I live just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I own a clothing boutique with my sister and I also make planning videos for my YouTube Channel - @kellofaplan! I am obsessed with all things Happy Planner®, and I absolutely LOVE how easy it is to customize my Happy Planner®. 

One thing I love doing with my Happy Planner®, is creating extra pages that will help keep me organized and on top of things! When I was prepping my Happy Planner® for July, I noticed that I was having to pull out my Happy Planner® from LAST YEAR to write down everyone who had a birthday in July in my NEW planner. That was just too much! So I decided to use some of my favorite mambi products to create a BIRTHDAY 'one-pager' for my Happy Planner®!

First I started with the “Colorful Boxes”  Value Sticker Pack. I picked 12 of the box stickers and laid them out on a page from the Multi Stripe Dot Grid Fill Paper.



After that, I grabbed the Happy Memory Keeping™ Value Pack Stickers - BIG - Dates & Holidays 2 and labeled each box with the name of a month.



Then I used the 'Icons - Student' Value Pack Stickers to decorate around the boxes.



Finally, I used the Happy Memory Keeping™ Value Pack Stickers - BIG - Dates & Holidays 2 again and used the tiny date stickers to label the dates on each month. Then I wrote in the birthdays! It’s kind of surprising that I don’t have anyone’s birthday to write in the June box! 



I plan to keep this page in the front of my planner. I can refer to it each month when I am creating my monthly spread.

I love how this page turned out. It is so easy to use your extra Happy Planner® fill paper and stickers to create all kinds of functional pages to live in your Happy Planner®. These extra pages are sometimes the ones that keep me most on track!How do you use your note pages in your planner?


Who in your life has a birthday coming up?

Write it in your Happy Planner® now! Then plan to do something nice for them. It could be sending them a card, giving them a call, or sending them a small gift. Take the time to celebrate their life!

I am excited that this page will help me to remember everyone's birthday. I love birthdays because it is a great reminder to slow down and tell that person why you love them and how much they mean to you!