Lessons Learned from a NEWBIE Memory Planner


When the Happy Memory Keeping™ collection came out last year, I bought everything I would ever need to memory plan. I really wanted to be a dedicated memory planner, but I never took the leap. It seemed a bit intimidating, and I let perfectionism keep me from trying it. I decided to finally give it a shot. I mean, I had a beautiful new memory planner screaming to be used. Once I started I was hooked! I'm still new to it, but I've already learned a few things that might be helpful for those of you still waiting to leap into Happy Memory Keeping™. 

1. There is no RIGHT way. I definitely looked to some of the seasoned memory planners and fellow SQUAD members for inspiration, but in the end, there really is no right way. It's YOUR life. They're YOUR memories. Your memory planner should be as unique as YOU are!

2. It doesn't have to be perfect. Photos don't have to fit precisely in the boxes, or even on the correct day for that matter. The memories are still there whether they happened on Monday or Tuesday. Put things where you want them!

3. White space isn't a bad thing. At first I found myself feeling like I needed to fill every part of the page. I didn't have enough photos. My life wasn't THAT exciting. As I started to add the journaling I realized it's okay to have some empty space. (See also numbers 1 and 2 above.)


4. The process is as important as the result. As I was printing photos, laying them out, and thinking of what to write, I realized that the process was so rewarding. It really made me stop and think about how loved my kids are and how grateful I am for our life. 


About my first spread:
My first Happy Memory Keeping™ spread documents a week that my boys spent with their grandma and their cousins (she called it "Camp Grandma"). They made so many memories, so I knew it was a great week to start! The blue and green color scheme was inspired by the colors in the photos, and I love how it all came together. The Happy Memory Keeping™ stickers are perfectly designed for memory planning, but any of The Happy Planner® stickers work well too. You don't have to be a professional scrapbooker to document special memories. The Happy Memory Keeping™ products make it so simple!

If you're like me and are hesitant to start, I encourage you to just JUMP IN! It really is so rewarding! Enjoy the journey, #plannerbabes!

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