Traveling With Happy NOTES™


So, I don’t get out much. I’m definitely a homebody and I don’t travel. EVER. Flying is a major fear of mine, so I avoid it at all costs. Our SQUAD BOOTCAMP is coming up soon and it is the trip of a lifetime! One I definitely can not pass up! So, fears pushed aside, this is HUGE! Since I’m not used to traveling, I feel I really need to prepare for this. And in true planner babe fashion, I am prepping for it the only way I know how- putting pen and stickers to paper! I have converted this ‘WANDERLUST’ Happy NOTES™️ into a travel planner/journal. 


I used stickers from my Alphabet Value Pack Stickers to label my three tabs: prep, journal, and memory plan. 


I have moved the prep divider to the front because the design on it makes me feel like the prep is REALLY happening.


So far in my prep divider I have made a packing list to include all the essentials and to plan my outfits. Because I’m a planner, DUH! 


I have also made a page for my flight information and for all the information for our hotel stay. I found the FLIGHT stickers in the Planner Basics™️ Value Pack Stickers


I also wrote down all of the packing and flying tips friends, family, and any eavesdropping strangers have given me. 


In the journal tab, I’ve done just that, journal. I’ve started journaling already and will continue to do so throughout the trip. I’ve also included some lettered quotes that are helping me get through. I want to remember every bit of this, even all the anxiety about flying! YIKES!

In my memory tab, I plan to FILL the pages with photos and mementos from this amazing adventure.


I am so HAPPY that these Happy NOTES™️ are so easily customizable to fit everyone’s needs.

What are you creating with your Happy NOTES™️?

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