See how I'm doing on my wellness journey!


You guys!  I posted my first VLOG!  I wanted to check in with you in a really authentic and personal way.  So I set my camera up on a tripod at home, lit up that Diva Ring light and just started recording.  I can be a bit all over the place so I edited it a remove about 100 "ums" and I love the result.  I hope you'll give it a click and check it out.

It's about 15 minutes and I share my wellness journey through January.  My Happy Planner Wellness extension pack is proving to be an all-star for me and I love how I've tweaked my recording process to really suit my needs.  It's the best 10 bucks I ever spent.  Well, I didn't actually buy it but you know what I mean.  (wink wink)


How are your goals coming along? Leave me a comment below and share some of YOUR small victories...or BIG ones...we love those too!