I am a Happy Planner, not just because I own one, but rather the fact that I've been working in one for the past three years, and it has made me, literally, a HAPPY planner.

I love the dual meaning of this product! I love that when you intentionally invest time into it, you become the title! 

One of the ways you can become a HAPPY planner is by, 1. (For the sake of this blog post) OWNING a Happy Planner®️ - derrrrr. ;) And 2. By taking The Happy Planner®️ and making it your own! The possibilities are truly endless with this system. You just gotta try and think outside the box a bit. 

What do you do in your day-to-day, or even as a 'side hustle,' where The Happy Planner®️ can help assist you? How can you make this baby your OWN?!

I’ll give you an example...

I do A LOT of things apart from work. One of them being, singing! Growing up I did a LOT of singing, musicals, leading worship, competitions, you name it I was probably doing it. I even went to a high school specifically for the Performing Arts, and then majored in Musical Theatre in college! I wanted to be on BROADWAY! And I almost made it there, I made my Off-Broadway debut in the Summer of 2016 - but that’s a different story!  The point I’m trying to make is... I’m a performer! I’ve been doing it for years! I have received fantastic training and have worked with some of the BEST in the industry. During my time in + out of audition rooms, I have had moments of significant disorganization, and then on the flip-side, I’ve had moments where my ISH was together! When my "ISH" was together, it was much more of a pleasant experience.

When I was first introduced to The Happy Planner®, I didn't realize to it's fullest capacities all that I could do with it. I remember packing to head to NYC to make my Off-Broadway debut (yep, I thought I was a big deal!), I had my script in hand, which was in a 3-ring binder, and having the realization... "What the heck am I doing? I can punch ALL of this! I can have a cute cover, throw in a pocket folder and some note paper... I'm going to have the CUTEST script in the entire cast AND I won't have to deal with opening up those rings and making noise EVERY TIME I need to get up and do a scene or sing a song!" I must say, it was a pretty life-changing moment for me and my relationship with my Happy Planner®, LOL! Okay, I'm a bit dramatic, but it's true!

When you find a product that can work with you in your EVERY DAY, that product should be USED! And when I say "USED" I mean, dissected! I was able to explore all the many things I could do with The Happy Planner® system! Today I use the Happy Planner®️ system in as many ways as I can think of!

I am a HAPPY Planner, and I use the Happy Planner®️ system as a PERFORMER! I punch all my music, lyrics, scripts, rehearsal information, notes, schedules, and even have a pocket folder in there which holds my headshots + resumes when I am heading to auditions. The Happy Planner®️ has become a LIFESAVER for me! Everything is in one place, I can add-to + take away easier than EVER, and I can express myself in a FUN + positive way by using all that The Happy Planner®️ has to offer. I am no longer bothered (or bothering others) with those noisy 3-Ring Binders, which are a hassle, in my humble opinion. And who are we kidding, is there even a comparison. Generic 3-Ring Binders don't have all those "OMG" moments. There are no cute accessories and the hole-punches are massive + heavy, just to name a few cons. Life is short! If you can have something cute, why not? HAHA!

Now I’ve told you just ONE way I’ve become a HAPPY Planner! What makes YOU a HAPPY planner, and how can you incorporate this idea of CUSTOMIZING for your specific lifestyle into your everyday? I would LOVE to hear from you. Comment below and share with me! 

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