There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!


Happy Memory Keeping™ has TOTALLY been my JAM these days! After months of investing into this planner full of memories, I find myself blown away by all the HAPPY. Even the ‘blah’ times I try to document, and I find myself grateful for those moments as well. 

The fact is… life is, well… life. And it’s not always easy. There isn’t always going to be HAPPY memory to document. The Happy Memory Keeping™ system has challenged me to find gratitude in each day. The Happy Memory Keeping™ system keeps me accountable. 

‘There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!’ I’m sure you’ve heard this saying. And I totally believe it’s true, but do I always ACT like I believe it? This quote has been thrown around on social media a lot. It even lives as a print on my wall in my office. It is challenge to find gratitude, to find HAPPY, when things aren’t working in your favor, when life hits hard, or you feel unimportant. What if you created a VISUAL reminder for yourself. Something that could challenge you to FIND gratitude + happy when you’re feeling low. This VISUAL reminder could also help you find gratitude when things ARE awesome as well. Basically this VISUAL reminder is going to ‘put things in perspective’ - let’s focus in! 

Have you guessed what this VISUAL reminder is? The Happy Memory Keeping™ system of course!

The Happy Memory Keeping™ system has become a place for me to express myself. The highs + the lows. It is a chance for me each day to get excited about SOMETHING. To find ANYTHING to document. I find myself actively looking for things to memory keep. Even if I don’t have a crazy eventful day or week, I still search for those ‘beautiful reasons to be HAPPY.’

This week I am SO happy + grateful to be able to document this LIFE EVENT. And that is, my engagement! This chapter in my Happy Memory Keeping™ planner consists of screenshots, pictures that were basically taken in the dark (well, not completely… Eric lit a lot of candles when he purposed) and some professional photos that were taken the very next day. Let’s not forget the best Value Stickers Packs EVER, washi tape, and The Happy Memory Keeping™ Paper Pads! (which are the http://BOMB.com! *not an actual link*)

Watch the latest Plan With Me on our Happy Planner® YouTube channel to see how I documented this life event in my Happy Memory Keeping™ planner!

Struggle to find content for your Happy Memory Keeping™ planner? 

-I say, start with what you got! Maybe go back a few weeks, months, or even a year and start to document the moments that stand out in your mind.

-Try going through the pictures + screenshots on your photo or computer. Start to print and place those chronologically in your Happy Memory Keeping™ planner. Next thing you know, you’ve got pages of HAPPY memories. 

-Maybe you have a very low-key lifestyle, and you feel you’re not doing too much outside of your home. Turn your Happy Memory Keeping™ planner into a GRATITUDE journal. Maybe include a photo of something or someone that inspires you that day. 

-OR use my system and ACTIVELY try and search out moments to snap a photo of and go from there. 

Some random-but-not-so-random-things I find myself ALWAYS printing and putting in my Happy Memory Keeping™ planner: Pictures of my coffee, my feet on different surfaces, screenshots from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I take a lot of screenshots of text messages that I receive. I snap photos of the book I’m reading, the show I’m watching, a good or bad hair day, a new nail color, the face mask I’m wearing… The list could LITERALLY go on + on. 

At the end of the day, you may or may not believe your life is worth documenting. But I can tell you, that there are SO many BEAUTIFUL reason to be HAPPY. There is ALWAYS an opportunity to FIND gratitude. Life has its HIGHS + its LOWS, and they move QUICKLY. Choose to document it ALL. Allow these moments to serve as a VISUAL reminder of how STRONG you are, how LOVED you are, and how BLESSED you are!

What are you Happy Memory Keeping™ these days?