Decorating, Pre-Planning, Pen to Paper & Everything in Between!

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Hey babes! Erica Canant here, and I’m going to share my planning process with you. 🤘🏽 Now, while I do deviate every now and then from “the process” (what planner babe doesn't?), this process has helped me plan our STAYCATION this past July, just right! 

Monthly Sticky-Noting //

First up, I sticky-note ALL THE THINGS. I am not one to decorate my 'MONTHLY'. In fact, I find it more helpful to be functional and use The Happy Planner® STICKY NOTES to jot down the month's events and place them all over. That way, if anything needs to move it's as simple as moving a sticky. This also allows me to look ahead and see if any certain event or holiday sparks creative juices for how I want to decorate a week, because I DEFINITELY decorate my weekly view. For this spread in my CLASSIC Magic Blooms Happy Planner®️, I used the Glam Girl and Trendsetter Sticky Notes. 

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Next up, I decorate my 'WEEKLY.' I usually work with WASHI TAPE first, followed by STICKERS.

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But, everything is usually inspired by one specific sticker. Yes, ONE. For this spread, I was inspired by the letters in the 'STUDENT ICONS' Value Pack Sticker Pack. I knew I wanted to lay out the word “STAYCATION” with the beautiful palm letters!

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After I decorate, I bust out the STICKY NOTES again. I write down things I need to buy, grocery lists, events, parties, reminders, and the list goes on. The STICKY NOTES I used in this weekly spread included, Mom Life, Be There, and Trendsetter. After I place them all over, I write!

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Is writing in your Happy Planner® as terrifying to anyone else as it is to me? I literally could stare at most of my #BEFOREthePEN's for hours, but cringe when it comes to writing on my "masterpiece". I actually cannot stand my own handwriting. I feel like I destroy my spread when it comes time to removing the sticky notes and committing pen to paper. But, I get over myself and do it anyways. Writing it twice—once on a sticky and once on the actual planner, helps everything stick that much more! 

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Once I have everything planned (even though some things need to be filled in later), I felt like I can relax a little bit more. I remember things I need to buy, I know what to save for ahead of time, and it simply puts me at ease. If you're anything like me, planning is a release. As someone who suffers from anxiety, when I get to plan ahead, I breathe better and feel a lot less anxious. I know that plans may change and that I can't control anything, but it still brings relief. 

Whether you have a planning process or not, I think we can all say that The Happy Planner® gives us the opportunity to customize and roll with just about any process that works with us so that we can Live Creatively® and Plan a Happy Life™! 

How do you plan? Do you have a process?

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