I have been using a HORIZONTAL ‘Faith Edition’ Happy Planner® for two years now. In this planner, I typically journal notes from my current bible study. When The Happy Planner revealed the new layout for The Happy Planner Girl® - Faith Warrior, I was so excited to try something new! This planner uses a S.O.A.P layout for your Bible study. S.O.A.P is an interactive way to study scripture. When you interact with the verses in this method, it makes it easy to connect to the scripture and apply it to your life. The NEW Happy Planner Girl® Faith Warrior planner doesn't start until January, but I have been using the Classic Note Paper - Faith Warrior to practice this method now.

Let’s break down S.O.A.P together!

“S” is for SCRIPTURE: In this box, you take the time to write out the verse you are studying that day. We live in a busy, fast paced world where it is easy to skim through whatever you might be reading. This step encourages you to slow down, write the words down that you are reading, and creates the time for God to begin speaking to you through that verse.

"O" is for OBSERVATION: This is a place for you to make notes about what you observe in the verse. I personally choose to write my observations in the form of a checklist, but you can also choose to journal them. This is the time to focus in on who the audience might have been for this verse, the meaning of some of the words, if there is any repetition in the verse, and just a great spot to write out anything that stands out to you about the verse.

“A” is for APPLICATION: This is the part I love most about the S.O.A.P process. It encourages you to not just read the verse, but to reflect on how you can apply it to your life TODAY. This is a great place to reflect on what God is wanting you to change in your life based on your verse or to reflect on things you might be struggling with that the verse might address. I chose to write out things that I want to give over to God based on the verse I was reading that day.

“P” is for PRAYER: It’s so easy to forget that we can write our our prayers to God. I love this step, because writing it out makes it feel even more real and tangible to me. This is the time to confess your struggles to God and ask him to help you as you give it to Him.

I am really enjoying the S.O.A.P method, and I am excited to incorporate it more in my faith planner when the new planners start in January!

Have you ever used the S.O.A.P method to study scripture? Which step of the process is your favorite and how has it helped you in your study of the scriptures?

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