A Visual Bucket List to the BEST Spring Yet!


Spring is just a few days away! It may, or may not look like it outside of your window. Regardless, it’s ALMOST Spring! 

You see, it’s not because I love Spring so much that I'm super excited about this seasonal shift, but rather the fact that it’s a NEW season, a NEW chapter. We have these AWESOME built-in reminders, reminding us of 'new beginnings', a bit of permission to hit that RESET button.  It’s also pretty stinkin' cool that nature also sees the need to change. Nature hits RESET as well. We should probably take note.

Another thing I love about NEW seasons is that you can do different things, given the time of year, the weather and the recommended seasonal festivities. For example, I can’t go ice-skating in the Summer... It's just not gonna happen... Well, unless I go to an indoor ice-skating rink, then maybe I could, so that was probably a bad example, but you get what I'm sayin'. I want to take advantage of this NEW season, to do all the fun + festive things I'm craving! 

Today I am creating my Spring Bucket List! Last time I created a Bucket List was the beginning of this past Winter. I used The Happy Planner® Note + Graph Paper (Check out the YouTube video HERE!) I created more as a 'brain cluster' and used The Happy Planner® Seasonal Value Sticker Pack. This time I took inspiration from Stephanie's Visual Bucket List YouTube Video (You can check it out HERE!) and created a VISUAL Spring Bucket List. It's always fun to try something you know in a NEW way! 

Where to begin and what am I using?

To begin, start off by making a LIST. #listersgonnalist. Make a list of all the FUN + HAPPY things you want to do this Spring!

Gather your Happy Planner® supplies! I started off with The Happy Planner® Page Protectors, specifically the 2 x 2 pages that are broken into three columns. I am also pulling my FAV Value Sticker Packs!

How am I breaking down these three columns? My FIRST column is going to be my INSPIRATION section. I am going to pull inspo from Instagram, Pinterest, and my personal camera-roll.  This inspiration is going to remind me of WHAT I want to experience in the fun season to come! 

The MIDDLE column is where my TITLE CARDS are going to live. I'm going to spice these babies up with BEST The Happy Planner® stickers. I LOVE how they turned out. These TITLE CARDS are going to make what I WANT to experience stand out! With this super cute visual, how could I forget?!

The THIRD column I am going to leave blank. I know, I know, this is SUPER scary for some of you. The empty/blank spaces on in the right column will be filled with either a pciture or a thought! Once I've experienced my Bucket List moment, I am going to snap a photo or share how I felt or what I loved most! If the blank space just isn't going to fly with you, go ahead and use some of your FAV Happy Memory Keeping™ Paper Pad pages, and cut them out to 2 x 2 as a CUTE placeholder. 

BOOM! Just like that I have a VISUAL Spring Bucket List that is ready to live in my Happy Planner® for the next couple of months. Woohoo!

I am excited to LIVE the BEST Spring yet! So much HAPPY!

*Be sure to check out our Happy Planner® YouTube Channel TOMORROW for the newest PIY! I am going to show you exactly how I put this Bucket List together AND how cute it turned out!*

What's on YOUR Spring Bucket List? Comment below! I wanna make sure I don't miss any FUN Springs to-dos, because you know I'm going to add it to MY list! 

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