TESTIMONIAL! // Abi Sanvee!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


Some people say it’s just paper and stickers but it’s more that that for me. This may sound cliché but I feel like my planner has grown with me. I love looking back at my journey through my planners. From a stressed out nursing student, to starting my career and now starting a family. It’s so encouraging to look back at past planners and things I thought I could not accomplish but DID! The Happy Planner® and planner community has brought amazing people in to my life! It’s been so humbling to be about of a company that embodies what I try to do in my everyday life! Being apart of The Happy Planner® SQUAD has been a DREAM! Can’t wait to see where the next couple years in my Happy Planner® takes me.✨