TESTIMONIAL! // Ali Stewart!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


How can a planner change someone’s life? I’m sure a lot of people wonder that when I make such declarations. 

It started off simple, I got organized! My Happy Planner® gives me the tools I needed to gain control of mom life while simultaneously getting back in touch with my creativity. Having a place to keep track of appointments, sporting events, and to do lists relieves my anxiety. Making time to sit down with my planner and stickers fills me with joy and helps my depression.

Now, The Happy Planner® means infinitely more to me. It introduced me to the planner community. I have made friendships that started with a common love of planning and those relationships evolved into a family. We not only help each other with spreads, we are there for each other online and in real life.

This past year was the most amazing yet. The Happy Planner® made my dreams come true. Being on The Happy Planner® SQUAD has been surreal. Rubbing elbows with seasoned planning vets and meeting planner babes I’ve loved from afar was the cherry on top of everything I love about being a Happy Planner. I am forever grateful to The Happy Planner® for the tools to organized my life, invaluable friendships, and memories to last a lifetime!