TESTIMONIAL! // Amanda Smith!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


The Happy Planner®️ is a big part of my life and has been for the last few years. My family has been through a bit of changes throughout these years including, autism diagnosis, buying a house, new jobs, therapy and adjusting to new schedules. Having a planner to write everything down and empty my brain of ALL THE THINGS has been so vital to keeping anxiety down not only with me but also my family. Happy mom, happy life! What helped even more was how positive and uplifting everything about The Happy Planner®️ is. From the dividers to the stickers to the little quotes at the bottom, I lived for those in the hard days. 

Another amazing thing that The Happy Planner®️ has done for me is help build relationships. I’ve meet some of the MOST amazing people through The Happy Planner®️. Being able to be so open about my life has let other people reach out or ask questions and turn into friendships and support systems. Autism can be lonely. I’ve had “friends” disappear after diagnosis. I’ve learned to be open and willing to talk about anything regarding autism. It’s helped me reach out when needed and help other planner moms who may be going through the same things or similar. If I’m struggling, I know I have a people who will guide me through and hold me up if needed. If I have something to celebrate, even the tiny things like my son sleeping through the night 🙌🏻, I know I have a cheering section! 

This year on The Happy Planner®️ SQUAD, I have focused on finding the positive in everything and surrounding myself with people who are like minded. The Squad has given me friends who I will forever have and opportunities for connections I’d never have otherwise. I could never thank the amazing people at The Happy Planner®️ for this amazing year enough! 

XOXO, Amanda