TESTIMONIAL! // Gretchen Klobucar!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


I have experienced more growth this year as a squad member than any other adult year of my life. When I lost my mom, my Happy Planner® was there for my journaling. When my daughter started Kindergarten, my Happy Planner® was there in the form of the KIDS line for her. When friendships unraveled, my Happy Planner® was there for a creative distraction. When I started my coaching business, my Happy Planner® was there to help me track my own and my clients' progress. When my job duties shifted and I needed to raise nearly a quarter million dollars, my Happy Planner®was there to keep me organized and focused. This past year, I have spent more energy on the "Plan a Happy Life" ™philosophy, using my planner to accomplish tasks, goals, and enrich my ability to LIVE and CONNECT with the fact that we get one life. That is the gift that planning has given me.

It has been a privilege and a blessing to serve this company whose mission is so dear to my heart and whose products bring me SUCH giddy joy. I've most enjoyed using the SQUAD platform to promote inclusion in the planner community - a voice I will continue to represent. I coined the phrase, "There is a perfectly you-sized spot for you in the planner community." This encapsulates the sentiment that we as planner babes should embrace our styles, how and why we use our planners, and continue to connect with one another in kindness beyond the discs. 

I have DISCovered through this experience that we can choose where our energy goes. I have DISCussed so much more than stickers with some incredible people in our community. I have learned that we can't DISCount our strengths and the gifts we were given to share. Some of the best growth happens when we experience DISComfort - and I am grateful that through the challenges of this year, the DISCernment to CHOOSE HAPPY came from my incredible appreciation of the Happy Planner®!

XOXO, Gretchen