TESTIMONIAL! // Heather Kell!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


I still remember the September day in 2015 when I purchased my very first The Happy Planner®. I was at a point in my life where I was so overwhelmed- I had a new job, a new husband, a new home in a new city, and life was basically complete chaos. I felt like I was barely staying above water. I needed something to help me get organized, and that’s when The Happy Planner® entered my life. It’s one of the moments in my life I think I will always remember, because my life was never the same after I made that purchase.

Over the past three and a half years, The Happy Planner® system has literally changed my life. I don’t lay in bed at night stressed out about what I need to get done the next day- I know exactly what I need to do and when I’m going to do it because it’s written and planned out in my planner. My husband and I have used the budget planner to pay off over $20K in student loan debt, car loans, and other debts, which has created financial freedom for us that we didn’t even know was possible. I created a Youtube channel all about teaching others how to use their planner, and it grew so fast that it is now one of my full time jobs. I love that I have created a platform where I can teach others how to use The Happy Planner® to change their life, too.

The great thing is that just because I have planned for three and a half years doesn’t mean that my planning journey is over, or anywhere near being over. Planning is a life-long habit, and I know it is one that I will continue to do throughout my life. I have several different goals I hope to reach, and I know that with my planner anything is possible. My husband and I are still using the budget expansion pack to reach financial goals that we have set for ourselves. I hope to continue to grow my Youtube channel and brand- one of my goals is to find even more ways and avenues to teach others about planning a happy life. A smaller dream/goal I have is that I think it would be so fun to one day have the opportunity to appear on The Happy Planner®’s YouTube channel, too! And if I’m dreaming really BIG and setting really BIG goals- I would love to one day collaborate with a company on a “kellofaplan” planner line. Who knows, it could happen some day? Especially if I do everything I can to plan for it!

I still can’t believe that I have had the opportunity to represent The Happy Planner® on their Happy Planner SQUAD. It is an honor. There are several reasons why I love being a part of their SQUAD. One of the main reasons is for the friendships that have formed from the SQUAD. I have formed long lasting, deep friendships with several members, and I would have never had that opportunity without the SQUAD bringing us together. I am also eternally grateful for the support that both Stephanie and Hannah have given me over the years by supporting me through different opportunities that have been given to me. They have always been quick to support planner events that I am a part of and have always encouraged me in my endeavors. Of course, one of my favorite parts of being on the SQUAD is seeing new product- it’s always fun to get sneak peeks into new product coming soon and getting my hands on new product early! I get so giddy excited over paper and stickers, and mambi continues to amaze me with each and every release.

I think back to that day in 2015 when I purchased my first Happy Planner® often and I wish I could go back to me in that moment and whisper in my ear, “If you only knew what was ahead of you because of that planner!” It’s crazy how much a planner can change your life, but I am living proof that it really and truly can do that. I know that because of the organization my planner brings into my life, the future is going to be BIG, beautiful, and bright. I can’t wait to continue living creatively and planning a happy life, and I can’t wait to see what else is ahead of me because of a planner. 

XOXO, Heather