TESTIMONIAL! // Jennie McGarvey!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


I knew the moment I saw the Happy Planner® in January 2015 at Creativation [previously known as CHA], I was hooked.  I'd been using a paper planner again for a little over a year but being able to customize and be creative with The Happy Planner® was totally for me.  

Little by little, I was able to add a bit of myself to each page -- I could keep my family on track, be more efficient all while spending some creative time.  That grew to adding photos and journaling in my planner, as well.  I now felt like I had found my best self.  As that confidence grew and took hold, opportunities were presented to me that I never would have dreamed of!  In 2018, I was invited to teach 2 planner classes in Chile, and that was truly a life changing experience for me.  I was able to travel to another hemisphere and meet people who love the same things! [Planners! Stickers! Pens!] I now have friends that I laughed and crafted with that live on another continent! [The love of paper crafting and planners has no language!] . In addition to sharing The Happy Planner® and my love of it, I learned so much about myself, what I am capable of and my sense of adventure! It's not often that opportunities like this come up - but when they do - I now know that these are all opportunities that I want to grab on to.

Has The Happy Planner® changed me?  Without a doubt.  I've gone places, met people and had experiences I would have never had without it.  Not only that, it's brought my daily life such joy and efficiency that I couldn't imagine my life any other way than as a Happy Planner®!

XOXO, Jennie