TESTIMONIAL! // Liz Hayes Nielson!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


It probably sounds funny, but before The Happy Planner® I didn't really use a planner. Like at all. Consistently using a planner of any kind in the past would usually last all of two weeks before I'd get bored with dealing with it. When I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in fashion design, the original four designs were released around the same time. It was kinda of like all of the stars aligning at just the right time. It probably sounds cliché, but The Happy Planner® and I were meant to be. I'm certain we're soul mates. =D

But it's gone way beyond just that. About 2 years ago, it became apparent that The Happy Planner® had become such a life-changing passion of mine that I actually changed my major to graphic design. It was through using my Happy Planner® day in and day out that I was able to find the perfect balance of art and design by making it my own that I'm now on track to graduate with my BFA in Graphic Design in 2022. 

It's also thanks to The Happy Planner® and the amazing community behind it that has helped me to be more comfortable with simply being who I've always been. It's such a priceless feeling knowing you are accepted for who you are no matter what, and that's always been one of my favorite parts of using The Happy Planner®.

I'm always open to changing and/or experimenting with how I use my Happy Planner®. I love trying different layouts, styles, functionality, etc. It's so creatively cathartic. I'd also love to bullet journal more with my Happy Planner®. I love when I can completely make a layout from scratch because it feels like such an extension of myself and allows me to share my artistic abilities with others. I'm also always brainstorming inventive and fun ways to incorporate and/or use The Happy Planner®. I love challenging myself to find a use that maybe hasn't been considered before. 

Out of everything, the complete ability to customize it to how I need it to look and function. My love for those discs knows no bounds. I love that I can use The Happy Planner® as a traditional planner, a wellness journal, academic planner, a health log, and general to do list. But I also love that I've been able to incorporate more personal and specific (to me) uses, such as: creative writing/poetry, tarot journal, and moon phase tracker to name a few. I have a way to track or manage all of things that bring enrichment and personal fulfillment to my life. 

Getting to know and become friends with my fellow SQUAD members is such a joy. Spending a whole weekend with all of them for The Happy Planner® SQUAD Bootcamp was beyond my wildest dreams. Getting to represent a company and a product that has changed my life has been the single, greatest honor of my life. Having the chance to share my love of The Happy Planner® alongside getting to know Stephanie, Hannah, Kayla, Lauren, and the amazingly talented designers has truly been an absolute dream come true. Words could never really express the extent of my wholehearted gratitude and love for the The Happy Planner®, me & my BIG ideas®, and all of the wonderful people behind the products that have come to mean the world to me. I am a better, more productive, and happier person because of The Happy Planner®.