TESTIMONIAL! // Nita Patterson!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


I never imagined 3 years go when I was first introduced to the Happy Planner while shopping for a new planner that it would change my life. 

To my surprise it has done just that. At the time I was working as a Visual Merchandiser and  Fashion Design assistant. Both jobs required a lot of creative energy and I was in desperate need of a fun and creative outlet. 

As a creative I loved that it allowed me to customize my planner to reflect my personal style. Due to the nature of my jobs I can be anti “trends”. I wanted my planner to reflect my unique individual style. 

The Happy Planner allowed me to express myself creatively through fun weekly layouts, but it also connected me to a community of other creatives. 

My planner has journeyed with me through a huge career change that required a lot of organization and attention to details. The happy planner accessory line was a god send during this transition for me. My BIG Work Planner helped me to maximize my daily productivity. The Happy Planner has helped me to achieve goals not just in my professional career, but also in my personal life. 

My Happy Planner was a daily reminder during one of the toughest experiences of my life. I lost my first born child and I was reminded of a quote from my planner “Choose Joy” shortly after his passing. That quote and the support and love from the Happy Planner community helped me to overcome my grief. It’s more than a planner/community to me. 

Being apart of the Happy Planner team has been such a blessing to me. Each SQUAD term I’ve gained friendships and it’s also challenged me to push my own creative boundaries. I’ve also been afforded some wonderful opportunities being a team member. I was able to speak at a National Planner Conference with over 250 attendees as well as be a guest speaker on a crafting podcast. I’ve also had the opportunity to do several major crafting brand partnerships and grow my social media platforms all due to my affiliation with the Happy Planner.

I call them my Happy Family because over the years that’s what they have become. I’ve enjoyed every moment being apart of such a great company and meeting so many amazing people. It’s rare that you find people let alone a company who really embody their mission. Because of this I will always be a Happy Planner Girl!

XOXO, Nita