TESTIMONIAL! // Rochelle Ball!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


There are few moments in life, I think, where you just sit there and think, “I’ve seriously found my people! Where have you all been my entire life?!”

Remember those school issued planners? I was totally that kid in school that would take those boring pages in the front that outlined rules and academic guidelines and glued blank paper to them. Who needs to constantly see the dress code anyway, right? On those blank pages I’d letter fun quotes and draw doodles. I made my planner my own, even as far back as middle school. I like to say I can’t just write in a planner. It’s more to me than just to do lists and places I need to be. It’s my creative outlet. A place where I can put everything in my mind on paper among pretty stickers, colorful pens and an abundance of note pages and sticky notes.

I remember classmates would flip through my planner and they’d ask why I felt the need to decorate literally everything. I’d color-code things, write in fun letters, make decorative doodles to spice up all my assignments and school lists. I never really had a response other than I liked it. It felt right to plan that way. I just couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, just write in my planner. Making my planner pretty among all the things I have to do helps me think and keeps me coming back to stay organized as well as have a space that’s completely mine. I can be as creative as I’d like to be in my planner. And THAT is why I fell in love with The Happy Planner®.

It’s a big thing to say, but I really do think The Happy Planner® changed my life. I found a sense of purpose in the planner community that I was missing and have made some amazing friendships along the way (and continue to make friends too). There is an entire group of people out there that shared my same love of paper planning and stickers! That little middle school girl that started decorating her planner all those years ago in me was SO excited. I remember almost three years ago now, I had stumbled across The Happy Planner® Instagram account after I’d been using one of their first release planners for months. That’s right! I can say, I’ve had a Happy Planner® from the very beginning! That planner with the black cover and gold heart will forever hold a special place in my heart; it started all of this.

I starting clicking on the tags on their photos and I still remember that surprise and excitement I felt when I realized that there was an entire community of people that shared photos of their own creative planner creations! I quickly created an Instagram account and started taking pictures, but didn’t post anything for weeks because I was more than a bit nervous sharing my planner and style with everyone. I still remember posting my first photo. I was terrified.

 But the best thing happened.

I opened that door to making friends and allowed myself to share my creativity that I hadn’t shared in years. We may be in different parts of the world, different places in life, but at the end of the day, we have the same hobby and that’s a wonderful way to connect with others and create new friendships. And if you’re sitting there reading this feeling the same way, I encourage you to join in! C’mon, post something! There really is room for everyone’s creativity and that is what makes the planner community so wonderful. Everyone is different and has their own style and uniqueness to bring to the planner world. I can say with confidence that I believe The Happy Planner® has brought happiness into my life. In the last almost three years of participating in the planner community online I have felt the happiest I’ve ever felt.

I can honestly say that it’s been a complete honor to be a member of The Happy Planner® SQUAD. It’s wonderful to be able to share a hobby with so many people, but to get to work closely with a super talented group of amazing and creative people has literally been the best experience ever. It’s not a competition, it’s just supportive creativity at its finest. I can truly say that they’re some of the most encouraging people I’ve met and I have loved everyday of creating alongside all of them. And not to mention, it’s allowed me an opportunity to connect and form friendships with so many others in the planner community that I may not have met otherwise.

To be able to create for a company that truly stands by their mission of promoting positivity, creativity, and happiness has been completely empowering in the best way possible. I feel as though, seeing first hand the genuine positivity that the employees behind The Happy Planner® share with their customers and the planner community through their products and posts has been extremely empowering. It’s helped me not only truly understand what it means to promote those same values, but to also protect the creative space we all share. Creativity is not a place for comparison. To me, it’s simply doing what you love and sharing that talent with others. Over the last year, I’ve learned that whether it reaches few or many, it will reach someone and we all have the power to promote positivity, creativity and happiness.

 So, what’s next for me and my Happy Planner®?

Much of the same! I don’t believe that “planner peace” is necessarily a certain planner or layout style. I think it’s more like finding a system that works for you and I’ve found the system that works for me in The Happy Planner®. Between all the pretty planners, colorful stickers, a wide variety of accessories and designs that just get better and better each release, I’m perfectly content in continuing to plan out my day in the way that works for me! Through all The Happy Planner® products I’ve found my perfect mix of pretty and functional.

And let’s take a minute to honor the discs shall we! Hands down. I LOVE DISCS. The fact that they allow my ever present need to rearrange literally everything ALL THE TIME make this the perfect planning system for me. Seriously, I can’t stand when things are the same for too long! I think I rearrange my planner every other week. But it’s the ability to customize and change as different planning needs pop up in my life that I love the most. Whether my planning style shifts off and on to more list making, hourly planning or note taking, I can confidently say I’m more prepared to tackle everything in my day because I’ve found the system that works for me, products that allow me to be my creative self and a community full of continuous inspiration. 

 Now, I’m off to go create a mess of stickers, paper and likely glitter! 🙂

XOXO, Rochelle