TESTIMONIAL! // Stephanie Howell!


Thoughts + Words From Our Happy Planner® SQUAD


Where do I begin? I'm not sure there are adequate words for the impact The Happy Planner®️ has made on my life. And that doesn't even begin to cover what Stephanie means to me. But I'll try. 

I am a military wife and mom of five. And while these two facts are blessings that have brought unmeasurable joy to my life...I have also battled with pretty intense fear and anxiety. I deal with long, scary separations from my husband.  And with five precious girls, I often feel overwhelmed by expectations and responsibilities.

For years (like 30 years), I've been making lists. When I get really worked up, my husband has been known to tell me to "go make a list, Stephanie." And it works.

But when I found The Happy Planner®️ , my life truly changed course. 

I've known Stephanie for years, through the scrapbooking industry. I remember buying MAMBI stick figure stickers for my scrapbooks! When Stephanie contacted me and told me that MAMBI had created a planner, and asked if she could send me one to try...I agreed.

I have had a paper planner since elementary school and I thought I was pretty set in my ways, but The Happy Planner®️ was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. I could make my lists AND feel encouraged and better about myself as I flipped through the pages. Revolutionary.

I've been using my Happy Planner ®️ for about 4 years now and when I think about the impact it's had on my life, my heart, and my self-confidence, I get teary-eyed. 

You see, I've conquered some of the fear and anxiety I feel as a military spouse. If I can SEE the deployments and the days apart...the fear loses some of its power over me. Once I write it, I work through it. This fall, we will have a 9 month combat deployment. I'm confident that my planner will help me work through some of the emotions I'm already feeling. 

Also- living this life can be terribly isolating and lonely. We move every 2 years and starting over and making friends can be difficult and exhausting. Some days, I'm just worn down. I open my planner and read affirming words and it's like I'm sitting with a friend. It warms my weary heart.  Plus...the squad has become family to me. And their friendship has been absolutely priceless. 

Stephanie- I could never say thank you enough. For your friendship , your encouragement, and your creation. You are a soul sister, mentor, and inspiration to me. 

I am so grateful for my time with this team. The Happy Planner®️ has been my therapy, my sanity, my hope, and my friend. It has truly empowered me and made me a better woman.

XOXO, Stephanie