The Happy Planner® SQUAD

Talk about #SQUADgoals



The time has come to put together our 2018-2019 Happy Planner® SQUAD! Yep, we’ve changed the name, and we are changing a few things up. We want YOU to be a part of all the HAPPY! Talk about #SQUADgoals!

The Happy Planner® is looking for Happy Planner® enthusiasts who LIVE and BREATHE all things HAPPY + PLANNING. The Happy Planner® is more than just a product, it represents a community striving to Plan a Happy Life™.

Our Happy Planner® SQUAD will be made up of like-minded individuals who are passionate about working toward their goals while supporting others as they pursue their dreams.

Do you love to plan, create, inspire, and encourage those around you to ‘CHOOSE HAPPY’? 

If you answered, “YES!” then we encourage YOU to apply to be a part of the Happy Planner® SQUAD!


Download the editable PDF below, where you will be able to fill out the online form. There will be a few questions, please answer them to the BEST of your ability! 




We would like you to submit one photo from EACH of the categories below….

    • Your favorite Happy Planner® layout. This layout should be one you are passionate about and proud of. This layout should be completed with your handwriting. We want to see how YOU use The Happy Planner®.

    • A #BEFOREthePEN spread (aka a Happy Planner® spread before you write down your plans and/or to-dos.)

    • One creative way you use the Happy Planner® system.

You are welcome to submit MORE than what is listed above, but be sure to meet the requirements listed before submitting additional photos. 

Please note, all Happy Planner® SQUAD members must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. 

A completed form and photos for your SQUAD SUBMISSION is to be e-mailed to // Please use “SQUAD SUBMISSION” in the subject line of your e-mail.

The Happy Planner® SQUAD P E R K S //

You will…

    • Receive exposure through different Happy Planner® social media outlets, including our NEW Happy Planner® site.

    • Receive Happy Planner® product for you to plan and create with.

    • Receive exclusive and limited edition Happy Planner® SQUAD swag!

    • Receive the opportunity to attend the Happy Planner® BOOTCAMP at the me & my BIG ideas® offices, located in Orange County, California - All expenses paid, including airfare and lodging, if applicable.

    • Be equipped with all the tools necessary to successfully promote and represent The Happy Planner®.

    • Create contacts within the me & my BIG ideas® company. 

    • Have the opportunity to see first hand how The Happy Planner® products are conceived, created, and brought to life!

    • Be given early access to NEW Happy Planner® products before store + shop release dates. 

    • Be informed + gain access to NEW product before the general public and planner community. 

    • Be a part of an exclusive group of planner enthusiasts and creatives.

    • Be an important and valued addition to the sharing of creativity, education and inspiration within the planner community. 

The Happy Planner® SQUAD E X P E C T A T I O N S //

You will be expected to…

   • Represent The Happy Planner® in a positive light within the planner community. This includes NOT participating or engaging in conversational threads that would be misrepresenting The Happy Planner’s core values, which are: positive, encouraging, inspiring, uplighting, kind and of course, HAPPY!

    • Submit a minimum of TWO projects each month.

    • Submit ONE blog post, which will live on the NEW Happy Planner® website.

    • Share Happy Planner® content on your personal blog and/or website.

    • Share, follow and participate on The Happy Planner® Instagram account: @the_happy_planner

    •  Use the Happy Planner® products in all projects, and promote with hashtags, and links whenever possible.

    • Be original + find inspiring ways to use The Happy Planner® system and accessories.

    •  Try to use each Happy Planner® collection (i.e. Happy Memory Keeping™).

    •  Stay ‘on trend’ with design aesthetic.

    •  Actively promote Happy Planner® products via word-of-mouth, and social media with Instagram being the primary platform. 

    • Post on social media regularly, as well as participate in cross promotions when applicable.

    • Have a public and active Instagram account.

    • Follow the Happy Planner Facebook group, and share when applicable.

    • Keep specific information regarding release dates and new product confidential.

    • Support and encourage your fellow Happy Planner® SQUAD team members. 

    • Follow all Happy Planner® SQUAD team members on all active social media accounts to support, encourage and build-up. 

The Happy Planner® SQUAD will last one year. The term will begin June 1st, 2018 and end May 31st, 2019.


The last day to receive submissions will be Friday, May 18th. 


The NEW 2018 Happy Planner® SQUAD will be announced via e-mail on Friday, May 25th, 2018.


The NEW 2018 Happy Planner® SQUAD will be announced via social media on Monday, May 27th, 2018.

The Happy Planner® SQUAD is made up of planner devotees that are passionate about The Happy Planner® and ALL that it stands for. We hope that’s you!