Trust me, you can do it!


In last weeks Plan With Me (which is still available for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube channel) I talked about getting started! I gave you #plannerbabes THREE very simple tips...

1. Start somewhere! 
2. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
3. Have FUN! 

And I guess we can throw another one in there... 

4. Try something NEW! 

This week I am playing with our NEW ‘Monthly Layout’ Extension Pack, which many of us refer to as the "month-at-a-glance." Now some of you #plannerbabes live + breathe by your month-at-a-glance, and then others (like me) kinda ditch it and stick to our weekly spreads, not really knowing HOW TO even use it. Maybe we refer to it here or there if we need to quickly figure out which day of the week that specific date falls on, but other than that, we don't know how to actually PLAN in it. 

This week I thought I would TRY SOMETHING NEW and PLAN in my Monthly Layout. The month-at-a-glance definitely lives up to its name. It was exciting to see all my plans + monthly goals all in one place. 

Some benefits to planning in your Monthly Layout include...

  • You get to see your progress ‘at-a-glance’ + it motives you to keep going, knowing you get to check the box, or fill in a space, such as your steps. 
  • Your planning process becomes very intentional as you become aware of your time. I saw I needed extra “me time,” and I made sure to plan for things that needed to get done by the end of the month. 


  •  It just looks so stinkin’ cute once it’s finished!

This month I am focusing on THREE things, and I’m excited to use my Monthly Layout to plan + track my FITNESS, ME TIME, and a BIG work event!  Now what makes planning in your month-at-a-glance easier? Having the BEST stickers, of course!  Currently OBSESSED with: the MINI Value Sticker Packs in my CLASSIC Happy Planner®️ for both my weekly AND monthly layout. They are PERFECT. Try it out! 

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How do you use your Monthly Layout? If you’re new to planning in your Monthly Layout (like me), I would encourage you to try it out. How did you like it?