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Showcasing Acts of Extraordinary Kindness and Selflessness!


We are SO excited to be back with another HAPPY HERO feature ~ where we showcase Acts of Extraordinary Kindness and Selflessness! Meet Jazmin Torres. Jazmin is a wife, mama and mentor! Keep on scrolling to read more about Jazmin and why we believe she’s so special! 👇


Hello, my fellow happy planners!

My name is Jazmin Torres, and I’m extremely honored that The Happy Planner® team asked me to share my story and be named a ‘Happy HERO!’

There's a couple of things I’d love to share you about my journey. Over the years I’ve had the great privilege to embrace and empower young ladies through PLANNING and CREATIVITY. I believe I have been entrusted with this roll to share my story with these young ladies, and now with you today. It's all for His Glory. My mess has become a message to these young ladies and has given us a chance to walk through life together. As a result, we have been able to conquer BIG wins!


For the last six years, I’ve worked for a non-profit called New Life Centers under the (G.E.M.S) Girls Mentoring program. One of my main roles is to mentor young ladies that have goals, passions, visions, and dreams, and to break the stereotype mold of Latinas in the urban neighborhood of Little Village ~ located in the South Westside of Chicago.

It's been an honor for me to step into these ladies lives ~ to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE and EDUCATE these young women with a handful of life skills to help guide them in their life journey.

These women are extraordinary, and unfortunately, their backgrounds don’t always represent this or what they are set to do in life!

These extraordinary young women have had to face some challenging circumstances at a young age, and as a result, they experience trauma daily.

We believe that when we walk and do life with them ~ together ~ they can overcome and create DAILY victories of success.

The Happy Planner® has been a part of my life for quite some time now. Having a family of six and a full-time job, I was always looking for better ways to stay organized. The Happy Planner® has not only helped me to do all those things but has also ENCOURAGED, FILLED and INSPIRED me. Thanks to The Happy Planner® I found exactly what I was looking for.


The Happy Planner® has helped me find the time to bless others through words of encouragement, creatively and inspiration.

The Happy Planner® has helped me be the best mentor to young ladies in the urban community of Little Village, which requires many tasks. I use The Happy Planner® daily.

I have been able to share The Happy Planner® with these young ladies, and it's helped them tremendously, myself included, to stay on track with school, work and even our personal lives. Most of these young ladies have fallen in love with the encouraging and uplifting stickers and dividers and different Happy Planner® options. This system has given them FAITH and HOPE, motivating them to have a more positive outlook on life.

The Happy Planner® has encouraged these young ladies to embrace education and utilize this FUN tool they now LOVE.

👆Using the Value Pack Sticker books and Happy Planners as inspiration to craft and create at the G.E.M.S program! 👆

👆Using the Value Pack Sticker books and Happy Planners as inspiration to craft and create at the G.E.M.S program! 👆


Meet Mya!

Mya (age 13) mentioned that she strongly dislikes her “boring school planner.” When she received her first MINI Happy Planner® she grew excited and couldn’t wait to write down her assignments, check things off on her TO-DO list and PLAN for her week. One of her goals is to graduate the 8th grade ~ Mya’s grades have been improving!

You got this, Mya!

Meet Stephanie!

Inspired to live a Happy life!

This is one of my mentees, Stephanie (age 17)! The Happy Planner® has helped Stephanie to persevere and keep the faith.

Stephanie and I have known each other for about three years now, and over a couple of years we’ve known each other I’ve seen her battle some tough fights ~ just like many other young ladies I work with. After I introduced her to The Happy Planner®, she shared with me, “ It [The Happy Planner®] changed the way I look at my life… It makes me feel like I’m actually on track and that I can actually accomplish a lot more now.”

Stephanie loves the stickers because not only are they fun but they give her HOPE! They have reminded her that life will be different, that no matter how tough a battle can become she will somehow be able to overcome it and will see more good days.

We believe in you, Stephanie!

unnamed (1).jpg

I have brought some of my DISCS to use as talking pieces in our weekly Peace Circle. This is where the girls come up with their own values to bring into our space. We talk about topics that they may be struggling with.

The pieces in the Peace Circle are used to help teach the girls how to listen, to be still, to put the focus on whoever is sharing, to boost participation, healthy conversations and give the girls an opportunity to uplight the ones who were brave enough to share.


The Happy Planner® has been such a POSITIVE tool that we’ve decided to incorporate The Happy Planner® into our daily girls programming at G.E.M.S. ~ either by using the stickers to inspire and encourage others or to decorate the artwork that we are working on.

One of the main ways that the G.E.M.S. program at New Life Centers has used The Happy Planner® is to create a yearbook and fill it with all the neat and fun activities that we are doing daily!

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When you hear “Chicago” or even search the word on the internet, one of the first things you see or hear it defined as is, violent, you often hear of the violence that happened and continues to occur in the city.

Rather than dwelling on what is wrong in Chicago, we hope to help redirect our focus on all the GREATNESS in Chicago.

I am so happy that the girls have embraced The Happy Planner® and all that it stands for. Using The Happy Planner® products has given these girls great hope, and the opportunity to have FUN and Live Creatively® with all of the ENCOURAGING stickers. They’ve been given a chance to make something their own!

Currently, the girls have been encouraged to use their Happy Planners to jot down ALL the GOOD THINGS that are happening in their lives DAILY, to take note of all the GOOD THINGS that occur in our city of Chicago.

Chicago is more than just a city of “violence,” it’s a city with many WONDERFUL people. This city is full of extraordinary young women who are setting BIG GOALS for themselves but sadly faced with many obstacles.

This fact is what motivates me to encourage these young ladies to use The Happy Planner®. Many of the young women have asked for their own step-by-step PLAN to help make their dreams and goals into a reality. These women deeply desire to break the mold, the stereotypes, and to defeat the unfortunate obstacles that have been set in their path.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our latest Happy HERO, Jazmin Torres!

If you’d like to continue to follow along with Jazmin and her journey working with young women at the non-profit ~ New Life Centers and (G.E.M.S) Girls Mentoring program ~ you can follow her on Instagram! 👇

IG: @happyplannerboss

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