My FAVS that are ALWAYS with me


These are a few of my favorite things… when the *screeching halt* // Sorry, I had to. I was a Musical Theatre major in college, but ANYWAYS that’s a whole other conversation! 

Today I want to talk to you about MY FAVORITES that are always included in my PLANNER BAG!

#plannerBABE: Hey Hannah!

Hannah: YEAH?!

#plannerBABE: What’s in YOUR Planner Bag?!

Hannah: Oh, I’ll show ya!!!


Other than the OBVI Indigo Hues CLASSIC Happy Planner®, here is what you'll find...

  1. The Happy Planner® Tote Bag - This bag is awesome! Holds EVERYTHING I need and MORE! 
  2. The Happy Planner® ‘Wedding’ Extension pack with a CLASSIC Deluxe Snap In Cover  - Attached to my HIP these days. SO helpful + CUTE!
  3. HAPPY THINGS INSIDE Snap In Pen Case- Mint/White - This pen case goes with me EVERYWHERE! I love love love!
  4. Amy Tangerine Tassel - SO CUTE! - I love how a simple touch can JAZZ things up!
  5. Bible Hi-Glider // Acid-Free Highlighters - They don’t bleed and they are PERFECT for my bible + Faith Happy Planner®!
  6. Tombow MONO Drawing Pen - .01 - This pen makes all my writing so clean! I am OBSESSED!
  7. MONO Adhesive Permanent - THE BEST for Happy Memory Keeping™! 
  8. MINI Value Sticker Pack ‘CHOOSE HAPPY’ - Literally LOVE this sticker pack! I use it ALL the time in my CLASSIC sized Happy Planner®! 
  9. Stylus - Super cheap, and they work SUPER well! Comes with TWO! 
  10. Marketing Work Phone - Which is ALWAYS with me! 
  11. Fiskars Travel Folding Scissors - TSA approved! SO easy!
  12. Happy Planner® Paper Clips! I always have a handful of these babies in my Pen Case!
  13. Value Sticker Pack ‘Alphabet’ - Hands down one of my FAV sticker packs!
  14. Value Sticker Pack ‘Faith’ - I cannot tell you how many of these I’ve gone through!
  15. Dual Brush Pen - I am ALWAYS having a blast with my lettering. Getting better each day!
  16. Happy Planner® Washi - AKA the BEST Washi EVER!

What are some of YOUR favorite things in your planner bag?!

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